Afraid of Being Afraid of Being Afraid of..

But they simply are nothing.

They are being afraid of being afraid of being afraid… a long and terrible cycle that can only be broken by giving in totally to your fears. What you are fearing you must go to and be willing to have all of it at it’s worst…

When you do this, the panic will be over. If you could tell me that you will go there and be 100% sure of it, I will guarantee that your panic attacks will end. It’s like a big scary wall that you have to burst through. But once you make a hole in this wall, it’s always there. You can go back and forth… on one side – fear is overwhelming at times… well you can now just go right through to the other side because you have done it once before and know that it was simply your apprehension causing the panic.

Panic attacks are scary. Sure they are. But you have felt this fear SO MANY TIMES. And that is all it is! It’s only YOUR FEAR. It cannot kill you. It doesn’t do ANYTHING to you except make you feel afraid. It re-occurs again and again because your nervous system wants it resolved! What will happen to you if you let it “overcome” you? What?…

Your Body Craves a Resolution

Nothing will happen…. In fact if you let yourself go totally into your fear and ask for more and believe it… because you are sick of this fear feeling… there is nothing there. No – thing! The panic attacks are made from 100% worry ABOUT fear! Once you believe that you don’t care what happens – the fear ends, panic ends. Here I will reveal exactly what panic attacks are. This is the BIG “secret” definition!

Panic attacks ARE being afraid of panic attacks! They are only the APPREHENSION of an event, not the actual event anymore.

If you can believe that you are willing to face the event and to follow your panic fear to see where it will go without you fighting to stop it or control it (i.e., running away from it), then that is OPPOSITE of apprehension. That’s what you have to dopeaceful woman

to end the panic cycle. That is what your body craves… a resolution to what you are worried about.

No Permanent Damage

I used to think that I was a freak or a mental case and had permanent damage to my psyche because of panic attacks. Turns out that I am no different a person from when I had panic attacks and now. I can see both sides. I understand why those people who DON’T know how a panic attack feels looks at us and can’t understand what the “big deal” is! It really IS silly to have panic attacks – BUT I have been there and know the strong trauma I felt then. It was fear feelings out of whack – stuck in a cycle. And getting out is so simple yet on your side it appears like a wall a hundred feet thick but on my side I see that the wall was only paper thin! That’s the difference.

When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink you float. When you hold your breath you lose it – which immediately calls to mind and an ancient and much neglected saying, “Whosoever would save his soul shall lose it.” – Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity