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"...Then tonight when I seriously felt that I had lost all reality and that my life was over, I found your website. I didn't really think it could help at first, but I continued to read anyways. After I finished reading everything, I realized that the panic attacks were triggered by fear of having another panic attack. I really just want to thank you for helping me. You seriously saved my life."


"I cannot thank you enough for your guide. I've had these panic attacks almost all day long for almost 3 weeks, it was driving me nuts dude. Dunno if they add up, but when I did all your step, I was freaking out, seriously, but now it's fine. My heart is still beating pretty face, I am still pretty nervous, but it's slowly going away. Thanks a whole lot."


"I just discovered your website in the midst of a panic attack. I found it very comforting. Thank you for posting this on the internet! It really rings true."


"Thank you for the information on your website. Everything that you say seems to be the answer I just need to do it now! Thank you again for your help."


"I truly appreciate that someone has given me some hope of FINALLY overcoming this and hot damn this advice was “FREE”. I thank you so much for this help and I don’t know how I came by your web site but I tell you what, your web site needs to have more advertisement or something for other panic suffers out there because I tell you what as I mentioned above I have spent probably close to $5,000 on doctors, books etc and no one or anything has said what you did and it’s the TRUTH what you say!!! STOP BEING AFRAID OF YOU!!!"


I began searching the internet to find out more information on panic attacks. I believe that God led me to your site. I am thrilled to understand what is going on with me and that I have the ability to stop it. I immediately started the breathing exercises and invited the panic attack. As I was driving to work this morning, which usually brings fear and panic I invited the panic to come on. It was as you said, nothing happened. I didn't get that nervous, anxious, or sick feeling. I feel stronger and know that when it happens I will be able to go through it and get to the other side. Thanks for being a blessing in my life and others that you have helped."


"Thank you for making it more understandable and if I could I would shake your hand personley and my famlily thanks you you and I are the same In what you used to fear and what I now do thank you again."


"Hi Jeff: I wanted to thank you for your website. I have recently become aware that my feelings of not being able to breathe or catch my breath when driving home from work are related to anxiety. I have been trying to find strategies to cope, as I had a freak-out episode in a restaurant in early March, prompting a hospital visit, and now the anxious feelings recur when I am at any restaurant. I tried different straegies wearing a rubberband on the wrist, focusing on breathing deeply, chewing gum, having a snack handy but nothng seemed successful until I stumbled onto your website. I read your narrative and figured battling the thoughts was worth a try. When the lightheadedness started, I confidently thought "bring it on!" And the feelings went away. I was very proud and for about 4 days straight, I was panic free. It is a process, sometimes I don't feel as strong, but I really have to thank you because you made me feel more confident in my approach. I plan to print out your words to have with me as reinforcement, to remind myself I am the one with the power. You are doing such a service for others, I thank you again and again."


"Hello jeff ...i come across your web site just by looking around and i think God i found your web site i've been having panic attacks for as long as i can remember i believe i started having panic attacks when i was 15 years old and im now 26 ..for the last 4 days i have been having panic attacks really really bad it got to the point where i thought i was going crazy but i didnt give up hope i knew the good lord would help me some how and he did by letting me find your web site .you have really opened my eyes on alot of things on how to deal with the panic attacks .for a long time i thought there was no hope and i had to deal with this all my life but now i know better thanks to you and the good lord jesus christ im starting to think i will have a life now .and do all the things i want to do in life and not fear it ..it's alsome to know how the body and mind works and comeing to your web site showed me alot of things i didnt know about the mind and body you really dont know how much you have helped me you have opened door's for me and i thank you it's unreal how much i thank you ..your friend for life."


"I was so relieved to come upon your web site. You described me to a T. Thank you for offering such great words of wisdom."


"People probably think it's weird that people have panic attacks but they don't know anything about them until they experience how bad they are. I can't thank you enough in making your site because it helped me so much and taught me how to face the attacks. Now that I've seen how to face them ive been waiting for one to happen to try testing it out."


"Hi Jeff,
I e-mailed you last week about your website. It is great, you have no idea how helpful this website has been to me. I no longer suffer from panic attacks and today was the first day in years that I had no anxiety. Your website has been a life saver, whenever I don't know what is going on, I look at old post and surely enough I get an answer. My latest struggle was with anxiety and little by little it is subsiding. I thank you so much.
I've been getting panic attacks since 1981 and although in the past I've felt relief through medications, the relief was short lived until now.
I've become so disabled that I couldn't work, then I couldn't pick up my mail, then I couldn't throw out the garbage mind you, the garbage shut was two doors down from my apartment.
Now I'll be going home soon and looking forward to facing the challenges that I couldn't face.
Thank you, thank you, thank you......"


"I know your website has been up for a long time and I just recently discoverd it. I'm only sixteen years old and I've been having panic attacks for a year now.. which seems like eternity. I felt so lost, hopeless, and scared... like my life was never going to be the same. After reading your inspiration.. I feel like there is hope again and I can really beat this thing if I believe I can. It hasn't worked instantly for me, but I can tell it's a lot better... I just need to keep practicing and learning how until I get to that one moment you got to where it's all gone. I really believe this will work. You are seriously a genious and I think you are smarter than many psychologists out there! Thank you so much... I don't know what else to say.. you may have very well changed my life!"


"Hello Jeff: I came upon your website about 6 days ago. I had finally decided I was willing to do "ANYTHING" to be free from the panic and constant worry. I have had severe attacks for the past 18 years with times of limited "remissions" with drugs or other therapy. In the past six months my symptoms had come back worse that ever. The other day I went online determined to find a cure, not a way to manage or live with them. I read your site and finally decided to totally give up to the panic. I was using so much energy trying to be in control all the time, I was not "living" at all. After reading your site, I have been trying REALLY TRYING to have a panic attack, but I can't. I have been doing stuff that used to terrify me I was always afraid of "losing it" and embarrassing myself. The minute I stopped caring about what would happen if I had a panic attack, I felt such a feeling of calm. I haven't felt like this in longer than I can remember. I can do ANYTHING now. I am free to really live. I feel like I have that scary "panic monster" on the run. It's hard to scare someone that doesn't care about getting scared. Thanks for what you wrote. It also helped me in that all the research I had done on panic never gave me an adequate explaination of the depersonilization. Now that I understand the medical reason for it, it is't so mysterious. Thanks again. Your site is great."


"Jeff, ...thanks to you for taking the time to really put yourself out there.. and clearly express these horrible feelings we have and now CAN overcome. It actually made me cry once I got to the end of your messages.. because I realized how I was making my thoughts worse.. I actually sat there and tried to feel anxious.. and I couldn't do it..... If you were in front of me right now I would give you the biggest hug in the world.. because I feel like you saved me from a monster that is my Fear."


"Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to thank you for the site...it has really helped me. At first, I was so afraid of the horrible symptoms of the panic attacks I have been having- tingling hands, fealings of unreality, dizziness, shakes-that I was afraid to try and confront the attack itself, and tried to avoid them at all costs through herbs and alchohol. Last night, after fighting the pangs of panic all day, Ieventually started to slip into an escalating feeling of panic/anxiety, and I finally decided to go with it. I thought: "Come on, give me your best shot. I can handle this. I always have, and always will...so bring it on!" I sat down and actually urged the symptoms to come on. I wanted to panice more, for the attack to become worse. It did not. It went away and I began laughing at the whole situation. If anyone else is afraid to try this, please don't be! You have to convince the part of yourself that is responsible that you are OK without the extra "help"! This morning I I thought I should be having another one...all the conditions were right. But again, I said to my self...OK, I'm waiting and ready. If I have to have one, fine. Let's go....and I am fine. Thanks again Jeff, you have provided a remarkable service to all of us who have attempted to face the root of of our panic fears."


"I have been suffering from panic attacks since I was about 18. Now I am 25. Just reading your website made me open my eyes and realize that there isn't anything wrong with me! Everything that I was reading was me all over again! It would start out with a real weird feeling coming over me then my heart would start beating faster and faster! Then after that the thoughts would go through my head that I was about to die, but i never did, because i realize now that its all in my head! Thank you for making me realize that I'm fine and I can live a normal life!!"


"Even though i am well now the info regarding this unreality feeling made me make peace with myself and i want to thank you cos i know how hard this is to put into words and it is exactly how i felt. Your website is the best description of what one goes through if they truly go through panic attacks and not just general anxiety and stress but the whole cycle of this disorder. Thanx"


"Hi, I emailed you recently and I am starting to practice not being afraid of the panic attacks and they are pretty much gone. Thanks again for the best advice and cure out there. It really is the only cure. Medication just numbs it."


"Dear Jeff, I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you posted this information on line. Yours is the first that doesn't try and sell vitamins and drugs to solve the problem but actually gives you information to try and help control and eliminate the panic attacks."


"Coming across your webpage was a life saver for me as the last thing I needed with my .... was something else debilitating. You have probably saved me countless dollars in medical costs not to mention my sanity. Your technique fixed me up almost instantly. I was lucky enough to come across your web page fairly early on whist I was trying to work out what the hell was going on.
For what it is worth I think your website will help countless people I am sure it already has and I can not thank you enough for the trouble you have taken to put it all together.
Thanks so much."


"Thank you so much jeff. you have no idea how much better it feels to know that i am not alone.....that thought alone can make someone crazy. i will find ways to get my mind off the feeling and stop my obsessive checking. thanks so much for telling me the method to combat this feeling, and i'm very happy that it has stopped you from having this awful feeling."


"Hi my name is **** and it is five o'clock in the morning here. I just woke up tonight feeling very scared I that I was going to die. My heart was pounding, I could hardly breath. I kept checking my pulse, thinking something was wrong. I felt like I was going completely insane, I almost felt nearly outside of myself. I came online and searched panic attacks. This has actually happened in the past but I had no idea what it was. Anyhow I just wanted to thank you for the information on your site. I am just now finally getting my breath back. You have a lot of great information on your site and it truly helped me. Thanks again."


"hi jeff: thanks for the quick response. I was reading all your articles when the e-mail came. I am not afraid to go to bed tonight and i have a feeling i am going to sleep for a change, and if the panic comes on, I am going to just lay there and go with. Why are practitioners not using your very sane method to treat their patients?? or have you just not had the exposure?? I am seeing someone tomorrow and i am sure going to tell them about it. I have already sent your article out to a couple of people."


"I can't tell you how awesome your website is. I have been suffering with panic attacks for close to 5 years now when I drive. I stumbled on your website the other day & what you wrote made sense so I tried it. The next time I tried driving down a stretch of road that always seemed to trigger an attack, I told myself I wanted to have an attack. I actually invited it to happen. Guess what...no attack. I could not make it happen! It is so simple, yet the freedom it brings from these horrible attacks is so profound & empowering! I hope everyone who finds this site tries it for themselves so they can lead a full & fearless life!!!"


"Hi Jeff. I've got to say usually something this good costs money. Thank God for you! I don't have attacks anymore. I do get a bit nervous and think will I have an attack. I am not saying I conquered mine like you did but close, I said this is the same feeling every time and I'm healthy. Went to the emergency room over these stupid attacks. Everything you said made more since than anything I have ever heard. This web site could be a blessing to a lot of people...God Bless you!"


"Thank you so much. I did what your article said to do and I was out ..... for 4 hours without one coming. The panic was there but I kept saying to myself..."If you're coming, come and go...It's happened before and I survived" and I swear to you it worked...THANK you THANK you!!!!!! I hope I can always do this."


"I want to sincerely thank you so much for you writing that about stopping panic attacks. I was so tired of having panic attacks that today I read your article and I did what you suggested and I was able to leave my house and go places that I have not gone for a month now due to being scared of being scared. I can only hope that everyone that has panic attacks reads your article."


"Thank you so much for this website. I think I had a panic attack last week and ever since that happened to me, all I could think about was when and where it was going to happen again. I wanted to fix this right away, before it turned into an endless cycle, and decided to search on the internet for a solution. I stumbled across your website, and I can honestly say that it is already helping. Your words make perfect sense. After reading from your website , it seems like common sense, doesn't it? But you don't think of it like that when it is actually happening to you. It took your website to open my eyes, and my mind and it has truly made a difference. Thank you so much!"


"Came across your website and it was such a gift from God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have since been reading Dr. Weekes books Hope and Help for your Nerves and Peace from Nervous Suffering and they are amazing! Considering I have suffered w/ anxiety and panic for almost 15 years now and have read almost every book out there on the subject and none of them helped me like Dr. Weekes books and your wonderful website. I have been so frustrated for so long - and now that I am truly on my road to a REAL recovery this time, I am thinking it is not too late to go back to school.......so I can help all those people out there who suffer from this horrible problem that is so simply treatable. I would love to be able to help others, just as you have done. Thanks again for helping me and so many other people. You are truly an angel on earth!"


"Your website and advice is amazing! I'm so bewildered by this whole thing. I've been driving myself nuts as you can tell from the emails and then last night, I finally decided to take your advice to heart and let it all go and happen.... and nothing happened! I'm not slipping deeper into any insanity, I'm not passing out. There is nothing there. I still have a long way to go but at least I've been able to concentrate on other things this morning as opposed to constantly checking my surroundings and monitoring myself. You're such an unbelievable help. Thank you so much. Hopefully, with your tips I'll be able to beat this monster!=)"


"Jeff, I hope you don't mind but I felt compelled to send you an update on how life is going. I can think of so many situations that used to give me cause to panic that now are moments of pleasure! For example I swim in the mornings before work and I used to have panic when I was alone in the house getting ready for work, what if I have a panic attack, I'm here all alone! You know all those crazy thoughts that swirl through your head. Nowadays my mornings are a treasured experience. I relax with a cup of coffee and the paper in the sunroom without a care in the world. Do I occasionally still experience the onset of a panic attack? You bet I do but I am so ready for them! I love to ride my bike but was afraid to get too far from the house just in case...well I go for hours now and guess what, no panic. The same with the car, fear of travel was a biggy for me but no longer. My wife and I went away for a long weekend and for the first time in a long time I had a weekend away that was virtually panic free. The best part of all this is I am getting to the stage where I don't even give them a thought for days at a time. I have my life back completely, and I would have never imagined that I could do this on my own, without a drug or anything but my acceptance that this panic is only a fear of the fear itself. It can be beaten so easily if you are willing, completely willing, to let it be as bad as it can be, and as you say Jeff, poof, it's gone! And guess what, you have already experienced the worst it can be. Jeff, I will be forever grateful to you for posting this for all to read."


"Since I last wrote my panic attacks have almost diminished completly. I have had that, oh no, here one comes feeling a few times but my thought process of trying to let them come on continues to work wonders. I can honestly say I really have this under control,ie. I have no fear of feeling afraid. Once you can get yourself to believe that, the whole thought process of getting panicky about getting panicky goes away! The other thought that really seems to help is I have been through this, it does not kill you, you don't lose your mind, and they cannot be worse than what you have already experienced. I was asked recently to speak at my daughters school to present an award on her behalf. For my entire life I have had a fear of speaking in public, but I really felt that this time was going to be different. I was in the school gym with about 400 students, teachers, and parents. As the old fear of speaking started to creep in I said to myself, just go with it, don't fight the feeling and it disappeared! I was as calm as could be and got a lot of great compliments on my speech. I have been in a variety of situations in the past several weeks that used to give me panic, driving my car, or going away to a cottage for the weekend and I have been pretty well panic free. It's funny how once you break the pattern the actual triggers for panic seem to go away. I just wanted to share this with you, and again Jeff thanks for the great article, it has helped me more than I can tell you."


"I just want to thank you for all of your time and devotion to your website. You are an incredibly altruistic and kind person. You have done a great service for many people. For years I've suffered on and off with panic - and yet, until I came across your site, and with your suggestion to read Claire Weekes' books, I never really understood this affliction. and, I am in the medical field!!. Just think how hard it is for people to get help who have no clue what is wrong with them or where to turn to for help. Or, in my case the lack of really good understanding by highly recommended "professionals". It is amazing how little general psychiatrists and psychologists understand about this problem and yet it is so simple. The technique works. Thank you, thank you for teaching it and sharing it. You will never know how much you have helped me."


"I was researching on the internet when i came across your article. i cannot thank you enough for helping me. your strength made me strong and i have become a different person after last night. i just fought with my attack an hour back and one before going to sleep last night. it threatened to come but i challenged to fight with it. it ran away. thank you so much."


"Glad that things have worked so well for you. I find it interesting that you have an advertisement on the page of your story on how to buy Clonozepam for Panic. Doesn't jive with your view of how to overcome this sometimes dibilitating illness in some people. I have lived with panic and anxiety for 11 years. Through CBT and even REM therapy, I know that there are some things I can face even through any fears I might have. However, I do also have some physical evidence of this being a true illness that I can't just face and walk away from. Doesn't mean I am weak, in denial or unwilling to try something new. It means that I have to learn how to cope within a world that is stressful and at times fearful and still feel confident that I am a survivor. Sometimes easier said than done. As for Claire Weekes, her theories are based on old information and if she were to write about the entire realm of mental health issues in today's society, she might view things differently."


"Dear Jeff, You have written a remarkable piece on your website. I, too, have studied Claire Weekes for many years, and the basis of her treatment is what you have described on your site. However, you have gone further, because the way you have written it has a remarkable effect. You have somehow managed to put into words, in a way I have never before encountered, a way to actually let go of fear. It is quite brilliant."


"Dear dear Jeff......wow what can I say, but THANK YOU, oh my god after reading your article the penny just dropped, yes I am scared so very very scared, I guess I always was, so much that I never did look under the bed, and now after speaking to my wife and saying what I needed her to know about my final request's. she thought hang on you've never said this sort before, what are u going to do, when I explained it to her she said go for it...I said to my self ok lets dance, yes it was a rough dance but it didn't last and now days they last a lot shorter....I really hope this makes sense, because your article really did to me, please keep this up, I hope every one could read this.......thank you so very very much."


"I felt compelled to write you a letter and say thank you, however, those two words can hardly do justice to what your website has done for me. I have been suffering if that's the right word from panic attacks for almost eight years. The only relief I could find was at the end of a six pack, and even that was becoming less than adequate. I was told that there is only treatment for panic, and no cure, so I prepared to live the rest of my life in a heightened state of anxiety. Fortunately, I can say that now my panic got more severe about four months ago. I developed a fear of driving, and it began to interfere with my job. I spent 40 hell raising minutes every day driving to work. I even called in sick one day, simply because I could not find the courage to leave my driveway. The next day, I typed the word panic in my computer and stumbled upon your site. I read the first paragraph, got scared and clicked out. A few more days passed and finally I went back to your site. Read it completely. Simply put. I am reborn. I have been panic free for one month today. I feel like I was released from captivity. It's hard to believe just how simple it was to change a way of life in just a few moments, but, that was really all it took. Changing my thought process. Thanks again, I hope I can pass on what you gave to me to someone else who is suffering out there. I am genuinely smiling right now, something I had not done in years. And it feels wonderful!"


"Jeff, this is probably the best advice I've gotten from any person about anything. I hope you do this for a profession, because you are damn good at it. Thanks for doing this for me Jeff. You will never know how much this means to me."


"I read your web site and it is so true what you say. Face the fear and try to have the worst panic attack of your life and even tell the panic, come on give me your best shot. "What? Hey panic why are you not making my heart race fast enough, please I need it to go faster and add a real dry mouth to it and also some choking as my car will drive off the road and crash." I did this today over and over. The minute I started to think about panic or getting a symptom like reverse psychology and it worked. It was the most wonderful feeling. I went through that wall you talked about and I'm on the other side."


"I have been having panic attacks for a couple of months. Of course I felt everything that a lot of people here have described. I was on Paxil for a couple of weeks. The side affects were terrible. Chills, Chest pains. Kept the attacks away. But I felt terrible. Then I though lets check the web. Wow. Thank the lord I came across your sight. I am so much better just because of your words. Setting my mind to let it happen. And not be scared of it. Panic attack. Bring it on. You can't hurt me...::"


"Had to write and say thanks...you summed up all my feelings going insane, losing control, catastrophising and gave me an actual explanation for them in simple language. I now have this page on my favourites, and go to it for emotional hugs."


"I'm glad that I read on your website. I must be God guided that I stopped and read and read until reality strikes me that I'm not alone. And that it's a common feeling that I have to deal with and to fight."


"Hi Jeff, I'm still having good results. I almost want an attack to happen so that I can practice the skills I have learned from your site."


"I emailed you a few days ago about your site. I shared it with a web group for panic pals. What they wrote back was amazing. Most have even cried. Just wanted to thank you for the site. The last couple days been trying to make myself have an attack but can't do it. Still trying...so I can let it do what it wants but it's hiding now. Who would have thought."


"Bless you, for saving me from 27 years of hell. How I survived this, is beyond me. I read the first 3-4 sections on your web page, and broke down. I can now drive same day!!!!!. I can go into shops without sweating, or running out------ it is so profound, correct, and informed...there is no way, that a Doctor, who has not suffered, could even begin to comprehend the horror, or solution to panic, but you have nailed it!!"


"I thought I was going insane, dying ..everything. I did every possible test ...I even had a brain scan that was repeated 5 times because I would have panic attacks whenever they began!!!!!!! Thanks to you this nightmare is almost over....I tried, went into a room, closed the door and resisted running out and asking the neighbours to call an ambulance because I was dying ....Let it happen and let me get it over with I was so sick of these feelings....let the heart attack or stroke happen now ..but nothing happened...I tried this every time I had attacks and life is becoming easier and the fear is fading...in fact some days I wait for those fierce animals to attack me but they don't! Thank you Jeff a million times."


"...anyone out there who does not believe that this works, listen to this. I've had panic attacks for the better part of 10 years and now I can say its over. I did exactly what Jeff said. I walked into the lion's den expecting the worst and all I found was a baby kitten. Just accept it for what is nothing but yourself worrying about fear. I am happy to say that the last thing I needed to do was drive alone. I just got back from doing that very thing. I said bring it let's dance. It meowed and went away leaving me with a sense of euphoria that I have not felt for a very long time. Jeff I want to thank you sincerely for doing this for other people. I plan on doing the same here in ...... myself. It's long overdue time that people are given an understanding and template to follow by someone who has done it. If anyone has questions or doubts don't waste anymore time. Do it now with reckless abandon because nothing else but the defeat of anxiety will happen. I promise you that. Peace........"


"...after all of these years I'm still looking for that magic formula or pill that will "cure" me even though there's really nothing to be cured of other than myself and the way I think instantly. I do believe that one can become desensitized quickly as you explained in your article, but it's usually after many months or years of experimenting and learning. I am going to do as you say and will utilize the opportunities."


"Like yourself, I have been inside my head a lot, trying to work out from where such intense and unpleasant feelings came from. I had worked out that panic attacks were based on fear and dread but the rest of it has been like pieces missing from an emotional jigsaw. Thank you for the few last pieces! Of course! Was my reaction when i read on. Your technique seems comparable to the old advice of standing up to the school bully and saying, " Give me your worst you don't scare me any more."


"jeff, thank you so much for putting this information out for people to read. it made me feel so much better because i thought there was something majorly wrong with me but when i went through the information on the web site, it was exactly what i was going through!!! ...i would have such an over welming feeling like i could not control my thoughts and i felt like i would go crazy...then i found your site on the computer and could not believe that having panic attacks and anxiety could do these things to a person, and that is why your site made me feel so much better because now i know " IM NOT GOING TO DIE"


"i see now, what you are saying about facing it straight forward and not running ...its been over 3yrs since i have passed out, and after reading your web pages, i now see that its the fear of passing out...so i am going to take your advice, i am going to meet my panic head on...I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN FEAR ANY LONGER....and I want to thank you for this advise it really has open my eyes to a new light.... and i think the things you wrote about just letting it happen is something we all have in us already...so now---- i am going to just let it happen--- if i pass out, then so be it, maybe then i will be able to find a dr who can see what the problem is and i can get help to fix it. so here i go--- one foot at a time, and then a big jump--- i hope i am as successful as you were in over coming this horrible fear. THANK YOU!!!"


"i wrote to you a while ago inquiring about panic attacks and fainting. i have to tell you that your website has helped me more than any doctor has...and believe me i have seen over a hundred doctors over three years that i've been experiencing this problem."


"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I found your panic attack site awhile back, and it helped me so much especially the fainting section...you would not believe how much better I am now."


"Dear Jeff, Through your bravery in conquering...and being of service by putting up your knowledge on the internet....you may have just saved my fucking life. How blunt can I be? You have made me see something I have never saw before....that I CONTROL it....It isnt some thing , some alien outside of myself that wants me aniliated....and by bringing it on willingly.....I see there is nothing there.....you were right....This is so unbeleivable I cant tell you...."


"Years ago before my panics I had these weird dizzy spells probably lack of food too much caffeine who knows.....but they threatened to knock me unconcious sometimes and I always fought them.....Once at my mom's house...one came along and I was just sick of it so I said..."go ahead and take me" and it passed right through me....It was unreal...as if some ghost passed through me....and ironically by giving up power I got power.....NOW....If I applied that same thing to my panic attacks?????Hmmm.........."


"Dear Jeff, thanks so very much for your site. It is truly the answer that I have been searching everywhere for the last 10 years to find. I have got through life by holding tight and hoping my fear/unreality wouldn't get any worse, now I realise that I had already experienced the worst!!! What a waste of years and adrenalin! I am now going to apply your wise words and turn my life around. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"...out of all the scientific research and the extensive research I have been doing on this I have came to the conclusion that you're a genius. Out of all the "methods" the doctor told me and nimh.nih.org reports have taught me, yours is the best. I relate your method to the method used in Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddies Revenge. Freddy fed on fear, and thus if you no longer fear, the instigator will go away."


"Last night ...I went to visit friends. It was a last minute thing and my first thought was that I didn't want to ride all the way over to their house because I knew I would have panic attacks. It was just a brief thought -- old habits are hard to break -- and just as instantly as I experienced that thought, I thought "who cares! I have them all the time anyway so why should I deprive myself of this trip." I did not have one panic attack. I only experienced mild anxiety as we pulled into their driveway and I told myself to "bring it on, go ahead, I do not care about it anymore, and I am sick of fighting." Nothing happened."


"I have just read your essay and I want to say a big THANK YOU!!! This is the direction that I seem to have been heading for a few years now. My destiny - just letting go. Your comments gave me much comfort and I really related to everything you had to say. Already I feel calmer, stronger, better.... No pills or potions have ever given me peace of mind, and that is all that panic sufferers want. So after 12 years, I suddenly believe that I can make a difference and my life CAN be happy and panic free. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!"


"Dear jeff: i was reading your write up on overcoming panic attacks and i will tell you from the time i got in the middle reading it i was already feeling like a better person. i told myself to bring it on so i could once and for all start feeling normal again. i did not want to become dependent on medication ... i want to thank you for finally telling people how panic attacks really are."


"...on New Years Day I came across your web page. Well the shock of reading about myself knocked me sideways, everything you had written about your experiences described me! I printed out the pages and kept them with me. I completely understood what you were saying. What amazed me most was that no one else had ever said these wise words to me before, no Doctor, no Counsellor - no one!!. I was more hopeful than ever before. One month on I am off the medication, and I have not had one single attack - sure there have been times when I have been very nervous about something but that's not the same. I have various things looming up which would normally send my panic levels sky high... but hope to contain myself with your excellent thoughts and advice. I have NEVER been so pleased to read a web site in my life. I know it is still early ...but I really feel much more positive about things than I have done in the last five years - ALL thanks to you, keep up the good work - Your advise has been life changing."


"Thanks a million for sharing and helping countless others. It's too bad the mental health industry doesn't get wise and teach this very basic concept of facing the fear head on. I will be writing a letter to my former two LCSW's and Psychiatist informing them of the gap between their somewhat costly "expertise" and the REAL CURE."


"i DON'T want to take medicine. i want to solve my problems...or at least TRY by myself and with some outside help. thank you for being such a great help to me. :)"


"Well, all I can say is thank you and please, please, please, keep your website going, your acts of courage are invaluable, your words are inspirational, and your compassion is heartwarming."


"...last night I was asleep and woke to a severe attack. At first I fought it and then I gave up and told myself just let do what its got to. It ended sooner than it usually does. I will try the next step next time by challenging it. But just already your site made me feel a lot better. You're the first to explain it that way, even my doctor didn't explain it that well, he just said you have panic attacks and a lot of people have them, gave me strong med...."


"I could never find an answer to my problems and never knew why this was happening to me. Feeling alone all the time with this crazy disease that nobody's heard of and nobody has, but me. But now I realize its no disease its just me reacting to my fears and I finally feel that I have an answer thanks to your report I just read. I already feel better about what is going on now that it isn't a brain tumor and I'm not gonna die. It's just me being afraid of a panic attack. Everything you said applied to my situation 100% and that's why I think I have a chance of beating this. Thank you so much for posting this on the internet. I know its a long road ahead of me but I have no choice but to go down it and I know I will win."


"If my computer had cost a million dollars it would have been worth it to read your essay. It was such a God sent literally to my friend! Two weeks ago he was having a reoccurrence of panic and anxiety and I prayed for guidance and help...within minutes I was on the computer and found your article. I copied it, and shared it with him. It's amazing to me that it made such an immediate difference to him. Thank you and God bless you. Please continue to reach out to others."


"...on Monday of this week my wife discovered your website and told me to take a look. I honestly cried with relief when I read what you had to say. I have been experimenting with your "crossing over to the other side" theory and although it is scary I think it is beginning to work and I will persevere."


"Hi my name is .... i am 16. I suffered from panic attacks for 2 years. I thought i was going crazy. I just wanted to kill myself but when i read what u wrote on that site they just instantly went away and i just want to thank u for helping me get rid of them and saving my life cause if i wouldnt have never read what u wrote i dont think i would be here right now. Thank You."


"Jeff, Your message is direct and comes straight from the heart. Thank you so much for your valuable insight on Anxiety/Panic. Despite many visits to Physicians/Psychiatrists, I wasn't convinced that what I had was anxiety. I thought of a million things that could be wrong with me. You are so right, you have to cut that fear element that contibutes to the cycle. Once you experience something like a panic attack and know what it is like, it feels so good to help others that are going through it. Thanks a million."


"Dear Jeff: You couldn't describe me in a better way! It feels so good to see that I'm not alone in this. Thank you for giving me the confidence I need to fight this anxiety/dizzy/lightheaded etc. ... feeling I get. I'm reading a lot about it to try to help myself in this and your information is one that has helped the most. Thanks for caring and sharing such important information. It's so much needed."


"Hey Jeff-I just wanted to tell you MANY THANKS for posting this info and for answering my e-mail. I just completed a 10 day trip out West. I flew for 6 hours, walked in stifling heat, climbed many sets of outdoor stairs at ........ and didn't get nearly enough sleep. All this and NO panic attacks. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and for changing the way I think about this disorder. I hope that others get results as good as I did!!"


"Medication sucks, and most doctors are insensitive beaurocrats probably spelt wrong, although some are great. I'm 17 and i think its pathetic that we have to rely on manufactured chemicals to control the organ that controls us our brains. Your words are beautiful, and the method is both effective and somewhat courageous, being in control of our brain is something we are all entitled to."


"Jeff, You are right-on regarding fearing what is, or may happen, during attacks. I started facing the fear yesterday after re-reading your great article. I know it will take time and practice however, just realizing that it will work is a great stress reducer... My goal is to practice overcoming the fear and giving up the meds. Again, thanks for the wonderful article. Gave more info than any MD I have had discussions with. Thanks for the response."


"Your affirmation and zeal are a 'tonic' awful expression and an inspiration. It's up to me to Face the Fear and Do it Anyway...I have got to be disciplined and keep setting little challenges for myself on a REGULAR basis to remind myself that NOTHING DOES HAPPEN. Thanks again - so good of you to take the time to reply."


"thanks so much for your help with my panic attacks. god bless you"


"hi jeff.... i have suffered from panic attacks since 12/09/89... i have been to the drs. many many times, and he puts it down to chemical imbalance, but i don't like the side effects from the drugs paxil was one of them. after reading your web page, i honestly believe you have helped me on the road to recovery,it makes so much sense that i felt i needed to thank you..."


"Your advice has already begun to help......I have been able since reading your website to talk to myself by saying "bring it on" when I feel the beginning of an attack and by god they go away."


"Jeff, Thank you for your response. Today I was starting to have a panic attack and I said to myself,"just go ahead and have one and be sure to make it a good one, the worst yet". It stopped!! I think that will work for me. Thank you for your wonderful article, "Can PA Be Stopped"!! I guess I am a control freak."


"Jeff, While looking for support groups for my panic attacks I came across your site. What you wrote made so much sense to me that I am going to carry your words with me everyday as a reminder to let the fear try and consume me. I will let you know if it works for me. Thank you for the advice!"


"I read your essay with great interest, it was very spirited and the information was extremely valuable, and I think that what you've touched on is so important for people to understand, but at the same time for them not to feel like it's their fault. We get enough of that already, and it just serves to make everyone feel worse."


"Jeff, I just have to tell you more. I just got back from vacation.... which is tons of people. Nightly concerts, and walking through lines and lines of people to get pictures and autographs. A few times I felt a little funny, and just told myself,"gee I hope I get one now, cuz I am going to defeat it." I tried and tried to get one and COULDNT!!! I keep your web page which I printed, in my purse, and read it everyso often to remind myself of what you wrote. THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Hi. I read your article that I found in the message boards. I can't tell you how wonderful it is!! And so true. I have suffered for years with this problem, on meds, and off. A few months ago, I threw away the meds and told myself one way or another I would beat these things. It has been two months and I am good. I found your article, and I have to say I had one attack and did what you said, and it worked!!!! Since then I have actually found myself trying to have an attack, to see if I can beat it. And I can't force myself to have one. I tried today in a store, crowded, all throughout the store and again while I was waiting in line. I kept telling myself, come on have one, cuz I am going to beat it. I can't thank you enough. I have printed your page and keep it with me at all times. I am also going to pass it on to everyone I know!!!!"


"When I read your article I was reading about myself! I was relieved to hear that someone else knows what a panic attack really is. When you try to explain what is going on with your body no one understands. I went to the emergency room twice in a month! I seem to have so many different pains going on I thought for sure I was dying of either a heart attack or stomach cancer etc. Thanks for the calming reading!"


"Thank you so much. I feel so good and so sure. I felt like a proud sailer or soldier who fears nothing. I'm going to use the method and win by losing. I am a very determined person and just 20. I'm going to get rid of this so my later years are full of life."


"Thank you very much. I've had panic for 11 years. Mine started when my father died. Like everything in my life I just didn't feel nothing. I just figured, "that's life." But I was wrong because I didn't feel what my body did and it took on my stress and sure enough I had panic attacks. Went to doctors - nothing was wrong with me. They told me it was panic attacks. Now I'm trying to understand that there was nothing i could have done to save my father. I've always been in control but I couldn't save him . Thank you"


"this is EXCELLENT advice...i am doing this and its not easy, but slowly i am seeing change as i am willing to accept the worst that could happen...thank you!"


"Jeff - Just wanted you to know that I am seeing your site all over the place, lol. It was passed through our group as well and that is about 150 people, many who passed it on to others. It got rave reviews from everyone...good job."


"Bravo!! I completely agree. I never believed what fear of the discomfort,terror or whatever adjective you care to use, could be responible for keeping the panicky feelings alive. I learned this in Recovery,Inc. Losing the fear of the symptoms is the only thing that works. Now, that is very simple but not easy. That is where Recovery, Inc. came in for me."


"I have read a lot about panic attacks and I have overcome them, you have shared the best. I agree with you 100% and hope others out there will have courage and step out with faith to consider how wise this information is. It was free.Thank you.


"Nice site, we would differ very little in the way we approach the subject...our program focuses on helping a person develop the specific tools they need to pass to the other side. Thought examination, eliminating thinking flaws etc. Mastering Anxiety."


"Fearing fear IS at the center of all of this...and our bodies will eventually overreact to our mind's constant fearing of fear, whatever the person's predisposition. So can we agree that meds AND counseling whether with a professional therapist, self-help books or talking with friends and other 'overcomers' are both therapeutic in different doses for different people?"


"I am glad that you "overcame" Panic Disorder. The truth, however, is that you probably were misdiagnosed and never suffered from this disorder. In other words, don't talk about something you know nothing about."


"Just want to say I read your letter on the website and it was awesome! I totally agree with your perspective. I suffered with panic disorder for 13 years before I finally read Dr. Weekes books and realized there was hope for recovery! But then I was too scared to recover!!!!! The cure seemed almost worse than the condition! Face the panic???? Nope, too scary-----I just wanted to continue running from it. It took me almost another year to get the courage to face it and "pass to the other side". That courage finally came from faith and prayer. I hope everyone reads your letter and benefits from it."


"I think you took the concepts of CBT a step further in your statements of 'getting to the other side of fear'....I fully agree, and I think your experience has given me the final piece to the puzzle of overcoming panic that I couldn't quite put words too. I'm sure this will help many people; I have sent it on to some others whom I know will benefit from it."