Testimonials from readers and members of PanicEnd.com.



"I was doing some research on treatments/therapy for panic attacks/agoraphobia, and ended up on your website. I've been having it since I moved to the US in 2010. It came to a point that I said ENOUGH! It is taking a toll on my quality of life, family, work and social life. I've purchased your book and I am anxiously waiting for it - no panic attack there,ha! I was reading your comments on your website and it really helped me to figure out that this is not the end of the world, and I can change things around with practice. Thank you for allowing me to see that I am not going insane."


"I want to thank you so much for your web site. I just purchased your book and look forward to reading it. After 2 days of reading your web site, my anxiety has dropped to a 2 on a scale of 10. I am going to spread the word. I have a lot of people I know who suffer in silence. My thank you to you can be summed up by something someone told me years ago. "People do not always remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel." After reading your web site and applying your suggestions I feel peace and joy."


"I would like to praise you. I think it's great that you share your experiences and help a lot of people. My great desire is to replace you one day. You are the first person to describe this fear exactly as I feel it. I've read a lot of books, but they have never been so sensitive to the feelings and thoughts as you. Especially this feeling "something is wrong with me" and this unreality makes me feel very bad. I always thought I was the only one to be afraid of this kind. Thanks in advance. I bought your book because I wanted to read more of you. But unfortunately I cannot understand everything. My English is not that good. Therefore my real question: Do you plan to sell your book also in German? I would be very happy about an answer."


"I first started by listening to Claire Weekes in my car. That was amazing. I had started therapy in August and nothing in my therapy came even close to helping me the way her tapes did. But then I ordered your book. It’s been a week now and I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I can’t thank you enough. I really can’t. It’s truly a miracle. I had a terrible therapy session where the therapist just keep asking what was wrong…why was I so anxious. She insisted it must be something. Then I was “resisting” treatment when I wouldn’t talk about what was wrong. I didn’t know what was wrong. My life is amazing. Good job, great husband, wonderful daughter, nice home, healthy. It was just the anxiety. The loop!!! You articulated it so well. I’ve been up and down with this panic for about 6 years. It finally feels like it has come to an end…something did literally “switch.” The one thing, though, is that I feel tired, but I am assuming it’s just relief and my body healing the way it has wanted to all along. Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing your wisdom. It was as though everything you wrote was me! No doctor or therapist had any understanding of what you explain. I don’t get it…why don’t they know this??"


"I have just turned the last page of your excellent book and am absorbing the powerful message it sends. I feel it could be the key I have been looking for - for over 30 years! Thank you so much for writing your journey of turning round this awful condition - it will mean so much to so many."


"I had a violent death in my family. Someone very close to me. I am well educated in psychology but was being overwhelmed. I read this and within 3 days (after practice) gone! Thank you so much!"


"Mi nombre es ____a, sufro ataques de pánico desde los 18 años. Ya tengo 33 años, ya estoy cansada de ésto, tengo dos hijos y necesito curarme o sanarme de una vez. Quede asombrada de leer tu blog ya que los síntomas son tan exactos que tengo la esperanza de poder sanar con tu ejemplo.Fue una noche dificil creyendo que me volvería loca, y leerte me calmó."


"Seven years in hell, and today I found your words. Those words will be mine now, they are what I needed to hear. They are the key to my freedom. Thank you so much, you saved my life. Excuse my English I am French."


"Hello Jeff, I hope you are ok. I just wanted to thank you for what you said about me being the wise sage. That means a lot to me you saying that and I very much appreciate it. I owe you a lot for having shown me the way to overcome panic and for that I shall be eternally grateful. Best wishes, David Daish"


"Je suis une jeune femme de 23 ans, et je souffre depuis 3ans de la peur de la peur qui c'est déclenchée suite a une crise de panique. Au début je pensai être folle ( car depersonnalisation ) puis en dépression, puis avoir un trouble anxieux ..... Au final en lisant votre site je me suis rendu compte que j'avais juste peur de la peur . J'ai pris connaissance de toute vos explications .. votre site est excellent et je pense va guérir énormément de monde."


"I have suffered with panic attacks and depression for 45 years. In the beginning I found no help from traditional psychiatrists. Then I found Claire Weeks. This got me on the road to begin to think I wasn't crazy and her books became my bible. After that around the1980s I discovered medication that was a big help but getting over the many phobias I had formed for so many years still remained a problem. At that point I discovered CBT and that combined with meds gave me back my life to a large degree. Why I'm thanking you now is for this reason; a dear friend of mine was in a really bad place in her life and needed me. I needed to fly across the ocean to be with her and my husband couldn't come with me. I needed to make this trip alone. Well I got a BIG case of the "what ifs" and started to have extreme anxiety, panicky feelings and the dreaded feeling of unreality. I searched the web and found you. I was able to print out a lot of key phrases you talked about and what a help it was. It was a much needed refresher course and made me feel so much stronger. I made the trip with copies of your words and I DID IT !!! The trip was a success and I'm still feeling so good about finding you and proud of myself!!! Thank you, Thank you Thank you. God bless you for understanding this disorder and the help you bring to so many."


"First off I want to say thank you for dedicating your life to helping others understand and recover from panic and anxiety. My first panic attack happened about a month ago for no apparent reason at all and I fell into a vicious cycle after which has left me on sick leave from work trying to recover. I spent the last 3 weeks doing nothing but research trying to find that miracle cure when I finally stumbled across your site and have been able to change my approach. You helped me understand recovery is a process and what I'm feeling doesn't have to take over my life and I can still be the person I once was. I still feel very strange sometimes but I have been able to feel "normal" at times which I thought I would never feel again."


"I’m sending this mail to thank you for your support, advice and for just being human by sharing your experience with someone you hardly know. Jeff I will always be grateful for what you did and for taking your valuable time and thus responding to my pleas. I’m sure the time you spend on reading my mails could have been consumed on other more important things, but you chose rather too help me.I know my words will never compensate for the time you spend on replying. No currency in the world come close to what you did for me. Words cannot describe what I feel like. I can actually control my panic attacks and believe that you from your own personal experience knows what it feel like. You are truly one of a kind. I believe that with more people like you in the world it can only be a better place for all to live in."


"In diesen Moment, jetzt gerade hat sich meine Panikattacke gelöst. Vor 3 Tagen hatte ich nach dem Joggen eine Panikattacke bekommen und landete im Spital. Ich hatte eine sehr schlechte Ernährungsgewohnheit und mir wurde nach dem Training sehr übel. Ich bekam natürlich Angst und dies löste meine Panikattacke aus. Zu beschreiben war sie: Schweissausbruch, starkes Herzkloppfen, Hilfslosigkeit, Entfremdung. Heute dauerte sie sogar 2 Stunden an, bis ich deinen Text gelesen habe und mich der Angst gestellt habe."


"I had a terrible panic attack and thought i was going to die 1 month ago, and since then I have been in constant fear of fear. I have only had 1 more day when I felt the same level of panic coming back and it was at work so I couldn't escape. I dealt with it and I lived, but now I fear it happening at work again so I feel sick thinking about going to work. It’s a horrible cycle, but everything you wrote made so much sense and I really appreciate you taking the time to help people for free. I live in ___, and can't afford a therapist or anything so I have been searching nonstop for information to help me understand what is wrong with me. Finally I feel I have read something that could actually make a difference. The thought of going to work still scares me, or going anywhere that is too far from my house (my safe zone now I guess) but I will try very hard to stop and say, “ok, what’s the worst thing that can happen if I start to panic? Bring it on and I’ll see. That’s the key right there, it’s so obvious."


"You don't understand how much your site has helped me! I've come across so many books and things online but for some reason nothing speaks to me the way your website does. I'm 20 years old and literally going through the hardest time of my life. Sometimes I feel as if it’s never going to end and I'll never be able to do anything normal again. But for some reason every time I log into your website it helps me so much and reminds me that all this is from my own thoughts. Yesterday was one of my worst days and I logged onto your website last night and immediately felt relief.. I was terrified of coming to work this morning thinking I would have high anxiety and I did, but as soon as I got here I started reading your website again and immediately felt better.. I'm still here at work and have I almost have no anxiety because of your site. I have not conquered panic disorder or anxiety yet but I'm determined to not let it take over my life or feed into it. Thank you so much you have no idea how much it has helped."


"It’s truly an amazing trick of the mind to be fooled in such a way that you become your own worst enemy in terms of digging up the things that frighten you the most and reacting in totally the opposite way to them to which you need to. I'm hoping when I am fully recovered I can reach out to people in some way, like you have, and raise awareness of acceptance being the answer, not prescription drugs. I feel desperately sorry for people who blindly trust in their doctors and believe that is the only way. I believe we become better people following this difficult battle."


"I promised myself if your methods worked, I'd go out of my way to send a message thanking you. Well, all I can say is thank you. Your site helped me become me again and you have my gratitude more than you can know!"


"Thank you. I'll probably be forever in your debt and won't be able to repay you. But I'll spread the word if anybody else needs it."


"I just found your website last week and just wanted to say how helpful it has been! I have suffered from panic attacks on and off for the last 6 years and I feel 100% cured! I had that instant clarity when I read that you have to surrender to the panic, tell it to be as bad as it wants! The second I did that it was like a switch in my head went off! I have not had an issue in a week and I truly believe I never will again! It’s amazing because I was at the point of thinking I was going to see a therapist and was really against going on medication to deal with it. I just feel like I would have used pills as a crutch and never really dealt with the panic. Now I know I can! The techniques and information on your site are awesome and I already know you have changed my life! Thank you so much."


"I just fell on your website which appeared to be a miracle. I was having panic attacks (mostly at night) which kept me from sleeping for 4 nights... I printed your articles and am practicing your technique.. De-dramatizing, and letting them overwhelming me had already been suggested by my psychiatrist in the past. Jeff you're great for sharing this with us."


"I just wanted to thank you for putting up your website, PanicEnd. I have been suffering from panic disorder/derealiztion/OCD/anxiety for a long time now, probably about 10 years. Recently, the symptoms have become much worse, and my therapist and I finally came to the conclusion that medication is necessary. I started on Lexapro two days ago, but I did not react very well to it. I understand that you need to give it time for it to actually do its job, but that did not stop me from absolutely freaking out. The first day was okay, but the second day was terrible. Thoughts of unreality, derealization, fear of going insane, obsession over nothing being real, came out like never before. Within the course of one day, I had roughly 3 full-blown panic attacks. The only way I was able to deal with all of that was by taking a Xanax in the evening. Still, I literally woke up the next day (today) in a panic attack, and didn't know what to do. Instinctively, I tried looking up how to cope with panic disorder online, and ended up at your website. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. Your articles about unreality, losing control, panic attacks, etc, are literally the most accurate descriptions of what I've felt almost my entire life. The fact that it was all written by someone who overcame this terrible condition was so relieving. I couldn't help but tear up as I read through the different pages, and my panic attack subsided faster than it did when I took a Xanax. Each therapist I've seen, my parents, and myself, have always said that I am my own worst enemy, and your website helps solidify that statement. Seriously, I hope you're aware of how helpful your words are. I think I'm on the road to recovery and you helped put me there."


"I would like to thank you. I had panic attacks for 20 years and was so tired of them. After I read your article, I did face my panic attack as you suggested and it worked! I am grateful and happy, that there are people on this earth like you, who help others for free."


"Thank you man. I dont know if you know the significance of your website. My perception of myself was that I was going crazier by the day and running out of time before I was totally insane. I have fought tooth and nail against my social anxiety my whole life been on medications for last ten years which all seem to poop out within month's. Always seeing these sites selling what they call is the answer, and I was like if you know how it feels why would you charge the others suffering. That sent up red flags for me. Then at 2 in the morning I stumble across your website. It simply never dawned on me to let myself go with it....that the struggle during these tense moments was what was causing the facial ticks, racing heart, and swaying vision. I was about to burst and it was very evident. I shall attack these moments with vigor now inviting the most uncomfortable situations possible with in the limits of just being myself and let the cards fall where they may. Where I hid and scurried away in fear now will I hunt for these awkward moments and submit to the fear that I have spent a life struggling against. You have given me the key to unlock the infinite locks that have imprisoned me. THANK YOU, and God bless you, you are truly your brother and sister's keeper."


"I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! When I read your article about panic attacks and how to overcome them, something inside of me just clicked. I couldn't help it, I started crying from relief. It felt as if I finally found the key to this cage I've been trapped in for so long. I've been suffering from panic attacks for about a year now. Sometimes I was feeling better, sometimes worse. But they've been a constant companion, always looming behind my back, ready to take over. I believe people who suffer from panic attacks sooner or later find a way to "live" with them, meaning we find methods that work for us to supress them, to hide from them etc. For me, it is always carrying a bottle of water with me, some crackers, something that will distract me whenever I feel this nasty fear creeping up inside of me. Something that will make me think "if you take a sip/bite, you can't panic, faint, go insane right now". This often helps to tone the panic attacks down, but it doesn't help to eliminate them once and for all. After reading your article, I was so keen on trying out your "method". I wanted to face my fear right now and yell at it, "Come on, kill me. Do it, let's just get over with it. I don't care anymore what you do to me". I went to all the familiar places where they usually hit me, and guess what? They were hiding from me! As you say, if you force the panic to come, it won't. I can't tell you if I was instantly cured by your words. Would seem like a miracle to me. But when the next panic attack is gonna start to grow, I'm truly, completely, 100% willing to make it worse. I am ready to surrender. Now I wrote much more than I intended to. I apologize for babbling off here. All I wanted to say is: Thank you a trillion times! Love from Germany."


"Thank you Jeff! You really are a god sent gift! What a special person you are. You have helped me immensely with my anxiety / panic / derealization / depersonalization / stress / fears / phobias. I feel like I'm on top of the world now! For example after understanding what I had to do to heal, I went and picked up a worm (an intense phobia that I have had since I was a child) something I haven't done for at least 20 years. haha and NO THING happened! It is no longer a fear of mine and I feel ready to tackle things that I never thought I could ever do like parachuting out of a plane. You have helped to bring me freedom, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now can pass this wisdom on to others that need help."


"Your title about ending panic attacks now made me roll my eyes as I clicked on it thinking, this is probably some jerk selling something, but I'd do it if it'll work. I've had panic attacks all day today. I rushed home from the store because I was sure I was dying this time. This was it. I ran across your posting and then visited your site. I read and absorbed as much as humanly possible as fast as I could. Panic attacks are "new" to me. Just since Late January or February. I've been dealing with psychologists and behavior therapy to learn my way out. They tried exposure therapy but had no luck because in their office, I knew spinning in circles or breathing fast through a straw created my dizziness...i knew I inflicted it upon myself. Your site says the same thing about my actual bouts and it wasn't long before I got a chance to try it out this afternoon. I sat next to my spouse and silently sat back and said "Let's go...it's starting...do it. Yep, there's a heart flutter, c'mon you can do better! Yep, there is pounding and dizziness!" I know big waves of panic last 3 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of calm, and repeated. It was MAYBE a minute and...I'm doing well. Now, after it didn't come back, I gave in and checked my blood pressure...it's as always...good. That just reinforces what you have said! Once the cardiologist tells me I'm okay, I have nothing left to fret about as I've had everything else checked out. I can't wait because that coupled with YOUR "method" is the road back to my life! I cannot thank you enough!! I know I have more road ahead of me as it is not a one shot deal, but I truly think you've given me the magic key to the kingdom and with NO self gain! You restored our faith in this crazy world because you've helped an unknown number of us, for free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Like everyone else, if you need donations to keep the site going or plan on selling a book or something...we are here for you!"


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you! I have been suffering from panic attacks on and off for about 5 years and to be honest, I am so sick of them. But I thought in order to stop them, I had to control them and, as you say, hide away from them. This is not the case, as you have just explained to me. Now I’m going in with a ‘come at me’ attitude. I know that it can't get any worse than it already has, so what is there to worry about? Also, I suffer from the unreality thing you talk about. I knew I was suffering from panic attacks, but I didn’t know that was an aspect of it. Now I don’t feel like a lunatic but rather, am going to ignore them because they can’t hurt me. I refuse to let them rule my life.So thank you so much for all your explanations. I will read over them several more times to give me even more peace of mind, and tomorrow, I will be ready to face any attack that comes at me (knowing if I don’t fear it, it won’t do anything)! Thank you thank you thank you!!!"


"Thank you from the bottom on my heart. I am stunned that this simple advice has helped me stop my panic attacks from happening and stopped them once they come on. I was not sure it would work at all let alone seeming to give me my life back. One month ago I had my first panic attack. It was so bad and I did not know what was happening to me that I went to the ER. They eventually sent me home after giving me meds that lowered my heart rate saying there was nothing wrong with me. I became scared that pretty much anything was going to cause me to have these attacks. Then I read your website. Blessed freakin be. So simple and yet so completely powerful. My mantra for the last couple of days has been “F..k you panic attacks -bring it!” and they go away. Sometimes quicker than others and sometimes immediately. Thank you, thank you so much for putting this out there and not charging for it. I would still be suffering if it were not for you. May you always know compassion. Thank you just is not enough but it is all I have for now.Thank you, thank you."


"J’ai eu cette expérience aussi, mais je ne suis pas allé assez loin, des crises plus légère sont revenues. Merci pour votre témoignage éclairant. Je vais y aller moi aussi. Je pense que l’expérience de traverser la peur, peut aussi être vue comme spirituelle."


"I found your website. No gimmicks, new age, expensive supplements, blah blah blah. Thank you!! I’m favoriting your page and I’ll go back to it repeatedly. This is such a good day for me. I even experienced feelings of joy and affection playing with my kids today, which has been rare lately. Gonna sleep more, plan more easy fun stuff, and take some rhodiola rosea (that’s got beef to back it up). That said, YOU ROCK! Thanks for making a website."


"I have been formally practicing meditation and yoga for a month, have returned to church to restore my relationship with God, and am seeing a mental health counselor for the first time in years...and I believe that your words are as invaluable as the rest of these practices. I've learned through these practices that my life has been a continuous string of running and hiding from myself. It makes perfect sense that I would have panic attacks -- my mind creating another illusion of catastrophe to run and hide from when it seemed like everything in my life was going right. Not only is your site validating, but I truly look forward to having the opportunity to step into this fear. To stop hiding. To stop running. To stop controlling everything around me. Meditation, yoga, and my spirituality continue to remind me the importance of "letting go," which I am learning now is distinctively different than "running away." Although I have just read your blog in the past ten minutes, I feel like I understand now what "surrender" means. Thank you for your wise words and guidance. These last two months have been a dark and awful place."


"Omg Jeff your website is sooooo helpful :). I got to the point where I thought the government was after me. Simply for the fact I feared so many conspirators, what I saw on tv.and researched from the internet. I mean I couldn't even watch a action hero movie because I feared subliminal messages so much. I would constantly tell myself I'm going crazy, or I'm thinking to much. So I want to thank you so very much because I feel like I had an actual self realization about the different things in my life I feared and how they negatively impacted my life. My girlfriend is even overwhelmed because what your website is doing for me. I really thought I was turning skitzofernic haha good thing I didn't go on with that...any who, you have a good life and its people like you that truly are blessed and blessings to others...thanks for not charging money for your advice...I thank God for u ..God bless you ..and thank you again my dear friend"


"First of all I would like to thank you for all the information you have supplied on your website. I have found all the information you posted to be extremely helpful and very comforting. I have not been a sufferer of panic attacks for long, I only experienced my first panic attack in November last year but since then my life has been terrible, constantly afraid of more attacks. I had been a cocaine user for almost 10 years until that night in November where I believed my heart was finally giving in on me, I called the paramedics and they instantly knew I was having a panic attack and treated the situation. This was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me as I believed it was a heart attack. Since then, even though I am only 27 I still fear that one day it might not just be a panic attack but an actual heart attack, this constant thinking brings on panic in droves. After reading your site today, there is instantly a feeling of relief, even though I have not had an attack, my fear of having another one has decreased but my fear that one day having a heart attack has not (if that makes sense?) so it's always on my mind which I know will bring more panic. I know you probably get thousands of emails but if you had any additional advice you could give me I would be eternally grateful. I just wanted to send you an email anyhow to praise the good work you are spreading on your site and informing people who suffer from panic attacks."


"I've had panic attacks for 4 years now, and I've never been a fearful person, but all of a sudden I was confronted with a fear of dying. Being a borderline Agnostic, faith didn't really help me. I was so shocked by the initial attacks I didn't want to tell my family. I was afraid of something terribly wrong with me, and that fear died over time. I've tried medicine which only made things worse or didn't help at all, and I tried coping with it which helped but it didn't diminish the fear of fear. The first time I tried your advice, I was sick and tired of being fearful. I went to the places that I felt were scary and I yelled in my head, "If you're going to kill me, do it already!" I honestly was ready to die to get rid of this fear, and all of a sudden, the fear had no impact, I didn't fear the fear, I begged for it. It worked instantly, and please, please, keep this website up, or publicize the technique. I felt lost for so long, and it was a stroke of luck finding it."


"Thank you so much for posting about derealization. It has been plaguing me, especially now after I got off of my anxiety meds. I will try to recognize the fact that it is fed by panic and fear. That put a lot into perspective for me. Thank you again."


"I just had my first panic attack in the car ten days ago. The first week I spent tring to figure out what medical problem I have (well to be honest I was scheduled for tests before the attack). So far tests clear except that I'm low on iron (which explained lightheadedness prior to attack). Anyhow. I've had an attack each day for ten days because ive been wondering why and what's wrong with my health. I am paralized by fear and loosing control I cant accept it just came. Only yesterday I went out for a walk and today. I asked my husband to take me to the grocery store. After ten minutes I needed to leave as I felt one coming. I am so worried about being embarrassed. I. Fact I haven't been to work (but I work with young children so I must be confident to go back). I don't know when that will be but this week my plan is to expose myself to the outside world more and more. Your website is going to be a huge help. Thank you for sharing."


"I just wanted to say that you what you have wrote in two pages is what I have been dealing with for many years. I don't expect a response but I wanted to just say thank you for sharing.. I had the worst panic attack that I ever had in july and I have been reeling from it ever since.. i am finally close to feeling "normal" and everything is not HYPER-Real which is the term I tried to explain to so many people with my perception of reality.. believe it or I came to a similar conclusion about trying to create the worst possible reaction when i was having a reaction.. I dared the sadness or the anxiety or the fear of what ever was happening .. Basically a bring it on attitude … But I had to overcome the woe is me attitude. You know what it never listened it never came it never hurt me worse than it was at the moment .. I know I can repeat many scenarios that you have described here but I don't want to take up your time. I want the torture to be over and I am confident it will be and I will be able to live a more comfortable life."


"You are truly awesome. Your audio message puts me back to sleep when I am worrying at night. You have an amazing voice. I would love to hear even more audio messages. And we would pay for them if that supports you! I will be making a donation in any case. I am stunned at how much more effective your messages are than so many things out there. Thank you for your great generosity."


"I Just found your website and I am so thankful to God for you creating this. I have done tons of research on this as I have struggled with anxiety/panic attacks for over 15yrs and "DP/DR" (intensely) for the past year. I could just go on and on but just want to say thank you and your website is "dead-on"!!!!!!!!! Thank you."


"I don´t know if you still have this e-mail adress but nevertheless i would like to thank you. I´ve been a panic patient since about 4 years but never found a reasonable explanation and as you wrote we were in search of something but nothing´s there I could start by telling all of the s--- i put in my head before but I don´t care anymore...it´s over I´ve feel like a newborn and its all because of you.. Thanx my friend."


"After years of seeing all these creeps on the internet using panic for profit it restores my faith in humanity that somebody like you comes along with the real deal. The answers and techniques to END such a horrible affliction. To want to help so many people free of charge is proof that you have been there. Charging somebody money to end their panic is like having to pay somebody to put you out if you were on fire. Thanks."


"I wanted to take time out and Thank you for your page. I have suffered from panic attacks for a long time. Many web sites I had read always wanted money. When I cam across yours I thought ok whats the catch. As I read threw your page I realized you wasnt a fake and you really didnt want anything other then to help. I cant express my Thanks enough. I just came threw my first panic attack by using your advice. I was laying in bed and my vision started to go funny and then the tingling started and I called for my husband. He came to my side and told me to remember what you had said and told me to say it. I did. I told myself to let it happen and do what its going to do and sure enough it stopped. I was hospitalized for them last month. And Now thanks to your web page I feel I can finally over come them. Thank you again for caring and wanting to help!!"


"Jeff, thanks for the efforts you put forth the day you decided to put this website down on paper. Simplicity blows my mind but you've really nailed it! You will never see all the fruits of this selfless act- but God is indeed smiling. Thanks again, I will do my best to pay it forward."


"Dear Jeff, I feel kind of weird about this but I just wanted to write and thank you for your website and sharing your story. Your articles had so much passion in them I knew you were right and it gave me the courage to find a way out. I was so drawn into your site because I have struggled with depression, low self esteem, and anxiety all my life, but I also know in my heart of hearts medication was NOT the answer. I had a feeling it even made things worse. Your article was one of the first websites I found when I was looking for help with my own panic disorder. Since then it is kind of been a mission for me to help others because the suffering is so needless with this disorder. I was bed bound for a while there! One day it clicked that I was having panic attacks because I was AFRAID of having panic attacks!!! Just like you say. I would never have been able to realize that if I hadn't really 1) put my foot down and decided to do whatever it takes to get better and, 2) found useful websites like yours to learn everything I possibly can. I recently stumbled across your site again and remembered how much it meant to my life then and the new lease I have on life now! Thank you so much! If there is ever anything I can do for you PLEASE let me know."


"You’re the first person who has made sense. I have known (felt) this (kind of) all along. It’s just that damn fear gets so bad. For me it’s been claustrophobia. Just thinking about a closed in space makes my chest tighten. Thanks to your article, I’m going to go close my self up in a small space and keep doing it until I get rid of this damn fear. Thank you. I think I just needed someone to state the obvious."


"Just a quick thanks. I ran across your website. I started having OCD fears of fainting about 10 years ago. It all started when I fainted at work one day. Although, in hind site, I fainted because I was recovering from a surgery and had taken pain meds on a slightly empty stomach. But it set off a series of irrational thoughts that I cannot seem to control. Reading your sight helps remind me that the chances of me actually fainting are not probable. I need to relax and let go. Reading your site reminds me that I'm not the only person who deals with this. That in itself is invaluable."


"I just wanted to thank you for your article. I suffered rather bad panic attacks a few years ago and reading your article was the only thing which helped me get over them. I spent a long time not even thinking about it, but just lately I've been going through them again, (I think because I'm pregnant and a bit stressed) in a much milder way. I found your article again and bookmarked it...so now I just go and have a look at it when I'm not feeling great and it makes me feel better. Thanks for your time and for helping others."


"My name is______ and i have recently just read your 'panic attack' article on the website and I would just like to say thank you for posting your personal experiences and beliefs on how to prevent panic attacks for no charge. i have been trying to find ways to prevent panic attacks but mainly just to understand them and deal with them and i can safely say you have definitely hit the nail on the head. everything you say is so helpful and i will try to incorporate these pointers into my life. hopefully soon i will eventually stop having these attacks and be able to get on with my life."


"Thanks dude, you might have saved my life! :D I was searching in myself for many years some my mind compulsively was asking itself, forcing itself into a deeper depression, then you came along and told me it was all a lie :D Thanks again, you've helped me loads :D"


" Godbless you and Thank You. I am so happy I found your website, I actually cried out of relief! Thank You for supplying it for free as I could never afford help. You are truly God sent!"


"I found your website today and found it very helpful. I have dealt with panic for years now, and am on medication for it recently because it was getting to be a daily occurence. I haven't slept in my bed for a week because I would have attacks as soon as I went to bed. Now, the fear of having the attack makes me have them as soon as I lay down. I'm going to try your technique tonight. I can't sleep on the couch anymore! Thanks again for your site! Everything on there is exactly what I have been dealing with, and in the same manner. You just may have given me the one tool I've needed all along! I thank you sincerely for that!"


"Hi Jeff. I wont to say thank you for saving my life.I'm suffering from panic attack for more than 11 years.Nobody wonted to understand my condition. My lifestyle was cut on 70% because of PA. Now I think I'm making a progress after reading your advise. You gave me a great hope and believe. Thank you again and again."


"Hello Jeff, I thought I'd e-mail you to say thank you so very much. A few months ago I been suddenly hit with one of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life. It happened at work with no warning. I went home sick that day and was not able to make my next shift. I felt my life being taken over. I've dealt with one form or another of anxiety in the past but this was something I had never known. At any moment and most often around people I was flushed with the extreme fear and disillusion that accompanies such panic. I had known about anxiety and knew how people became permanently paralyzed by it. I felt myself slipping down this slope, quickly. I was certain my life had changed and I was to become a puppet of my short circuited mind. I googled panic attacks and came across your website. Your conviction shook me to my core. In my desperate state I was inspired by your words and ready and willing to face my fears. After three days of avoiding the world in my dire helplessness, I stood up tall and marched myself out of my apartment searching for the nearest person I could run into. I went to the corner store to buy a newspaper ready to fall soo deeply into the abyss of my fear. I stepped towards the counter waiting. As you had said, I was safe, I was free. I kept finding places to go and kept finding that your method of complete surrender erased all that I had known in the past three days. For the next while I continued to walk through the wall of fear and found that each time I came through stronger and more amazed. It has been a few months now since all this has happened and I still can't believe where I went to during those days and how I was able, with much thanks to you, to move through it all. It is a must that I let you know how grateful I am to you and your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"I cried at the end of reading your page. I feel I have finally found the answer I have been looking for for 5 years. I have tried this before it does work but I never really believed in myself to face it again and you're so right, letting things JUST happen and going over to the other side is the answer!!! Thank you so much, I will never forget you and how you have changed my life!"


"Dear Jeff, just wanted to thank you for your description and explanation of feelings of depersonalization on panicend.com. I suffer from anxiety disorder myself and depersonalization is one of my worst problems. I read tons of books and explanations, but none expressed my symptoms that good and, much more important, gave me so much hope that it IS possible to lose them and become literally yourself again. Greetings from Germany (yes, we obviously DO have the same problems over here! ;-) )"


"I cannot thank you enough for all the very good FREE advice and information on your site. I accidentally stumbled across it going through many channels-mainly Claire Weekes searches and your site came up. My husband has suffered from severe panic/agoraphobia (what if, I have a heart attack) for 8 years now. I have had him see 4 counselors, CBT, groups, classes, and all have failed to work. He is definitely afraid of being afraid. I am going to try and have him finally face his fears tonight driving. We are confined to a 3 mile radius here in Houston, due to his fear of going out of his "safe zone". Also his phobia is being away from his "safe person" his mother. This has worn us all down and made us almost insane from being trapped with him. Thanks again for your site and I am praying your advice will do the trick! It makes so much sense Jeff."

. 4/12/09

" Whomever you are - Thank you I have been having Panic Attacks since August 2007. They are rare but I remember them all. It is scary and all I can repeat is "please help me" when it happens. I get the numbness feelings in my hands, arms and legs along with the feeling of "impending doom". My last bad panic attack was last night - I had a serie a waves of bad anxiety before getting THE ATTACK. You are right in all levels. Riding with it and not believing that it will not kill me helps. I will be more prepared for the next time. I would need help on how to recover after a huge attack. I felt drained and ashamed to tell the truth. Thank you for being there and having such a wonderful site. I just discovered it tonight. I will read on... and write again maybe."


"I found your website a couple years back after suffering from panic attacks for about a year....and thankfully I did! Your information & insight were indispensible & I credit the end of that era in life to you. I tried so many natural remedies & diet & exercise & therapy & blah, blah, blah. The issue was, I really didn't understand what was going on inside my body & most importantly, my brain. As soon as I read your information, a light went off in my head & I knew it was Truth. Even after a few short years of suffering, I already started developing phobias related to places I routinely had panic attacks. This scared me terribly! None of these phobias were able to blossom fully, though, thanks to my awareness of what what going on & fighting back. My most used phrase became, "bring it on!" I've bookmarked your website & regularly pass it along to people in my life I come across who open up to me about their struggles with panic attacks. My only hope is that it helps them as much as it did me! Profound thanks for the time & energy you've put into sharing your experience & knowledge."


"I started to have panic attacks two weeks ago. I went to the doctor and he put me on Xanax. I found your site and now I do not fear the fear of the attack and it does not come. I am weaning myself off the drugs. Your wisdom is simple and to the point and I thank you. "Without fear of them they cannot exist" is the key that unlocked that. It is not like I caught the flu and I know the symptoms are coming I am causing the symptoms not the sickness if that makes sense."


"Hi i would like to say thank you for your great website. im 23 and suffer serverve panic attacks .. which have lead on to social phobia's im a very rational person...... so my theory has always been that we have programmed our minds to be scared there must be a way to re programme and reverse them! but jut didnt no how or even where to start. many forums i have been shouted down that there is no way a sufferer can recover and i think your theory may just disprove this!!! i havent tried it yet but im planning on whole heartedly doing this!! Many thanks if anything aloowing us to view this free of charge he he he ... normally there i link to buy a book!"


" Cured after 56 years! Your article worked. That was the piece of the puzzle I was looking for so long. Thank you soooooo much."


"Hello, I just wish to say thank you for your Panic guide, For 2 weeks I suffered with an anxiety problem that was making me think that any kind of movement felt weird to me when it should've been normal, this eventually developed into a weirdness of hearing any kind of sound too, and all this was making me anxious and worrysome and unable to focus because of the constant "what if's" racing in my mind. This got even worse when that sense of weirdness began to make me think that being around my family wasnt normal, and I felt like I was losing my mind, but then while I was sinking into depression, I came across your site and im gradually overcoming the anxiety and im able to relax and calm down more. Thank you!"


"Hallo!Soeben war ich auf deiner Seite (habe diese per Zufall bei Google gefunden) und wie der Betreff schon sagt: Danke!Selten habe ich mich so verstanden gefühlt und selten (eigentlich gar nicht) hat jemand die Gefühle einer Panikattacke so haargenau beschreiben können! Alles was du sagst, das stimmt. Ich habe es einmal gekonnt. Ich habe die Panik zulassen können und zack,… war sie auch schon wieder verschwunden. 1 einhalb Jahre später war sie wieder da und das stärker als je zuvor. Ich habe Symptome entwickelt die ich zuvor noch nicht kannte (Derealisation, Depersonalisierung, das Gefühl eines Kontrollverlustes etc). Es hat mich umgehauen! Diese neuen Symptome haben mich sofort im Griff gehabt! Das sind Symptome mit denen ich noch nicht umgehen kann. Kurzum: Ich weiß dass deine beschriebene Methode funktioniert! Ich hoffe ich werde es mir wieder neu beibringen können. Heute ist ein Abend an dem es mir furchtbar schlecht geht und alles hoffnungslos erscheint. Nachdem ich deine Seite gelesen habe, geht es mir nun ein Stückchen besser. Danke danke danke!"


"Hey Jeff I just want to say thanks a ton for the website it has already begun to change my life and I just read it. I am a healthy ** year old male who had a bad muscle strain and the pain stressed me out for months because it was in my lower abdomen and I thought it was hernia that would need surgery because it would swell with increased physical exercsion. Although I have taken it easy and barely have any pain anymore I still have the fear of the panic attacks with the giddy feeling, and had an attack last weekend because I got dehydrated to the point of vommiting a few months ago on a hot summer day, I started thinking the same thing was happening to me. The mind is oh soo powerful, usually I love this aspect but right now I can't seem to gain any control, and hope to return to normalcy as soon as possible. I already made an appointment with a physciatrist even though I think with some time I can overcome them on my own I think it would be best for my body and mind to talk to someone in person and make sure I can keep them from happening. I don't want to take meds Iam a big user of natural herbs and I'm also afraid of a dependency as well as the cost and this has not been a condition until just recently. And again I really appreciate the time you spent to make your website Im sure it has helped tons of others and couldn't thank you more. To ensure the information doesn't get lost in cyberspace I printed out all of it!"


"Jeff, I just want to say THANK YOU sooooooooooo much for your website! I was in the midst of a panic attack at work (where I usually get them) and stumbled upon your website... After reading it I instantly forgot about my panic attack and was glad to find out that I was not CRAZY! I was seriously questioning my sanity! I was given a prescription for my anxiety but found when I took it would only make it worse... I would then start worrying about the pill I took! I was getting out of control! I really, really appreciate your website and just wanted to let you know."


"I wanted to thank-you for your information. It has been a literal answer to my prayer for healing of my anxiety disorder. I have had success for 2 days now. I have given in several times and it nips the anxiety in the bud each time. I still feel a little scared of the anxiety coming back but less so and I know with continued success with giving in, it will stop being scary at all. I actually have been trying to get it to come so that I can be sure it will work. That seems like a good sign that I am on my way to being done with this nightmare. Thank-you so so so so much."


"Just want to offer my thanks for your website and all the help it has provided for me. I am 20 years old and have been suffering from panic attacks for over 2 years. They started right after I got some bad weed and continued even after I stopped smoking all together. I've been looking for ways to get them to stop for years, been to countless doctors and looked for help in all the wrong places. Then tonight while I was having an attack ( which I do every night ) I looked online once again for an answer and I found your site. I read it really fast and thought to myself ah this guy is nuts but what the hell I have nothing to lose. So I did my best to want it to happen, the more I felt things go wrong the more I welcomed them because like you said it wasn't anything that I hadn't felt before. Then I noticed that the more I accepted them the less I felt the effects. Now I don't think I am instantly cured and I'm sure it will take a while to train my brain to react to these things in the proper manor, but I have taken a step in the right direction and it is because of you. So once again, thanks."


"Hello Jeff, I hope you are still reading your emails, I'm sure you must get tons and tons of letters every day thanking you for your great website. I've been a sufferer of panic attacks for about 10 years now, I've been taking medication but even though I'm still taking it seems that some situations are still triggering panic attacks... I came accross your website a few months ago, and I can say that it surely was one of the best days in my life... I felt so liberated to know that the answer to my long time suffering was inside myself... Thanks to you, I felt like a whole world of opportunities opened in front of my eyes, all this time I've let fear rule my life... I only allowed myself to do things or go to places that were 'safe'... I've had only a few episodes of panic since I read your website a few months ago, as opposed to once a day... No medication, or even therapy has been ever so effective as your honest advice... and even though I haven't overcome my fear 100% I'm not letting it control me anymore and I know that eventually I'll get rid of it. You are truly an angel, and hope your life is full of blessings for all the goodness that you have done to many strangers like me that had no hope of ever having a normal life."


"Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for the web site. I am sure you have heard this a million times but THANK YOU! Amazing how the mind controls all. Im so mad that it was so simple and I could not figure it out on my own. I have always been a worry wart since I can remember. I remember being 18 and ending up in the ER cause I couldn't breathe several times. I am so mad that I have wasted so much time and energy on these things. And not doing things I want to do and places I have wanted to go for fear of having an attack. I do not want to go on and on as I could for hours but, thanks for sharing your story. It was soooo on point, I feel better already."


"Your website is the greatest thing I've ever read. I suffered with anxiety and panic for years, still dealing with it actually. However, I agree with every word you're saying. I just allow myself to get too stressed from time to time for some reason. Bad habits die hard. I'll read your page though and work on it some more! I did the Lucinda Bassett program and I came to the exact same conclusion you did about a year ago. I know people who have anxiety, because more people have it then I ever realized, who are actually still spending tons of money on false diagnosis' and medication. I try and try to tell them. I don't think they want to believe that they are the problem, and more astonishingly, the answer. Very good stuff! Thank you very much."


"I can't believe you give that information on your site for free! It is SO frustrating to think you have found answers only to find out that the person just wants to sell you the solution. The information that you have conveyed to me has found me at absolute rock bottom. And now I feel so free and FEARLESS!!!! I haven't tried the technique yet but I have so much faith in it because I KNOW it's going to work! I have always known but I would never let myself get past the "going to die'' point . It makes so much sense! Even though I have not tried it yet I feel absolutely FEARLESS right now!!!!! Because I know that I am going to whoop the shit out of this thing the next time it comes, if it even ever does again!! You have lifted the fear man and I just really want to extend a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for making this information so easily accessible to someone like me. Truly, thank you for lifting this burden."


"I'm so impressed by your website. It's the first one I've come across (dealing with panic attacks) that presents helpful information and that isn't trying to sell a product or make money with ads."


"Hi, I just stumbled upon your site tonight when i was looking for encouragement. i have been suffering from anxiety and unreality/depersonalization for about a year after suffering a panic attack out of nowhere on a plane flight. it was so awesome to see someone else write exactly what i have been experiencing. so many times the only way i can properly explain the way i feel is to tell my girlfriend or family members that i feel stoned. i have felt for the past year like i have just smoked out of a ten foot bong, and i haven't smoked pot in years. my vision gets blurry, eyes get sensitive, i feel like i am walking about a foot behind my face/body (very similar to the feeling i would have when i was younger and would get high but had no problems with anxiety. this connection you made to the feelings of unreality and the feelings brought on by thc has really made me feel more hopeful that i really do only have anxiety and that this feeling is normal and can go away."


"Hello Jeff just wanted to thank you for being there.You website has changed my life for the better.Thanks you are the greatest!"


"Hi Jeff-I'm sure you have gotten a hundred emails like this.....But I have to say a BIG THANK YOU!! You were used to save my life!!!! I have had panic attacks for about 6-7 months now. They got to a point where I had them all day. I would get the chest tension, shortness of breath, the fear, and the losing control feelings, vomiting, and pretty much the whole nine yards. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown until I came across your website. I prayed for a way out and GOD used you as his instrument for me. I am getting through them much better now.... I know now what they are all about.THANK YOU, You are truly an angel!!! Keep putting your experience out there!!!!"


"I just got through reading your website. I've been searching the internet like crazy looking for people out there, who suffer like me. You're right, I felt like I was going crazy! I have yet to challenge my fear, now i'm just waiting for another attack to face it head on! I have been suffering with these for the past 3 months, and I feel like i've been a horrible mother and wife. I want to overcome them, and be a better mom and wife. AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE! I'm young, only 22. Thank you SO SO SO very much for your site. I already feel better."


"Hi Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for your web site. I thank God an email pal led me to your site. I have had generalized anxiety for several years...but was dealing with it pretty well. I am a positive person..so certain things did not bother me that much. Recently, my husband and I were having some serious financial problems. Also, I ended up on high blood pressure medicine. These things made my anxiety a lot worst. I was having a very HARD time relaxing and was having anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety. After going to your site...I am waiting for the next panic attack and try your method. I went to a physical therapist because my neck, shoulder and jaw area was VERY tensed. Of course it did not do any good because I continued to tense my body fearing the next anxiety attack, dizzy and anxious feeling. The anxiousness comes a LOT. I went to see a psychiatrist...of course he prescribed medication... which does help me relax. Whenever I am feeling anxious I grab my medication. As I am sitting down typing this to you...I am saying "come on anxious feeling, come on anxiety attack" of course...nothing happens. I do know the old saying...there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I really wanted to cry when I saw you had wrote: Nothing SIGNIFICANTLY wrong other than that you are sensitive to some recent stressors. I was wondering why every little thing was getting to me...I could not even watch the news on television. I did not want to hear bad news. Your statement REALLY made me understand why....I was sensitive to some recent stressors. I will be sharing this email with my anxiety/panic buddies. THANKS AGAIN!!!"


"I just wanted to thank you again for the website and message board. In the past few weeks, things have really "sunk in" and it is as though something has "clicked". I "get it". I am thankful for this. As such, my generalized anxiety has dropped way way down and any residual symptoms pretty much just make me laugh (sometimes literally). It is as though I know they are they, but I just dont care. I finally get the whole "second fear" concept."


"I think of myself as a fairly rational person. I have, after a dream with a panic attack in it, been afraid of exactly what your message board has been talking about. It happened last week ( I was on a plane in the dream and felt out of control fear) I have been on hyper alert now. I have quit smoking (which is good) after 14 years in order to see if it would help. I have felt the total unreal "holy fin sH$T I going nuts" feeling. The first real attack came when I was 21 and a boy dumped me. I thought I may have some weird repressed abandonment issues but it seemed unlikely, in addition to the fact that NOBODY likes being dumped. I'd been avoiding real relationships and drinking alot. All in order to keep control. Anyway Jeff, I think your awesome and I am ...feeling sappy and like a T.V. movie on lifetime:) I am actually crying tears of joy because I have found someone else who "Gets it" Thank man."


"I been dealing with panic attack's for 8 years now. And I always just tried to control them or fight them off thinking I was stronger then it, but it the end they keep coming and seemed like they were getting stronger. As of last week I decided to look to the net to see if there was something I can do. This is where I stumbled upon your website. Since then my panic attacks are coming but there not lasting long because all I do is let it run its course and just release my thoughts and let it go. So though there still coming there not lasting as long and soon I hope they stop coming altogether. But I am happy with the baby step progress that I already have made in a weeks time with your help. Though you don't know me I just wanted to tell you thanks for everything!"


"I must say that you have described exactly how I have been feeling. I want to thank you for sharing this with the world. Even though I have not yet come to the state where you are (well, I have been there but feel back into the panic) it is very reassuring to read something that describes my symptoms so perfectly. I don't think even my psychiatrist understands me to that level, she keeps bringing up other issues that I definitely feel I have overcome and have let go. Until recently I did not know what panic attacks were and once I first heard the term I thought that there was no way I had a panic disorder -I have a great job, life and girlfriend. But every often had the feelings that you described. I just realized that what I feel is exactly the fear of being afraid again. I paralyze and feed of the cycle of fear. It's a pretty subjective thing to try to solve but I will try to do what you suggest. I am also not so fond of pills but I think that at this point I am so caught up in the fear cycle that it would maybe help. I feel that I have absolutely no control over my fear and the medicine may help. I have also been suffering for about 10 years now but just in the last couple of week realized that's my diagnosis and trying to cope. THANK YOU for your website and good vibes to you."


"I also think that while one is in deep consternation and despair and alone in his room and is looking for some warm (I've found your audio message very warm and beautiful, very affectionate, even the acoustic guitar is nice: it reminded me of the rooster who plays the guitar in Walt Disney's Robin Hood cartoon, I loved it when I was a kid) and empathic words and thoughts it could be very good and useful what you have written, at least to gain a bit of confidence in battling and defeating this awful disorder."


"Hey jeff.if i didnt find your webside i would really think i am crazy.. you gave me hope..you made me feel i m not alone anymore."